Treat the source, not the symptoms


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Gentle, effective and precise treatment
Integrative Manual Therapy:
Fascial Counterstrain
Injury prevention and treatment
Pain management
Body mechanics
With or without Aromatherapy (DoTerra therapeutic grade pure essential oils)


Photo credit: Fiona Malamen and Samantha Mort




Fiona Malamen, LMT

Hi, I’m Fiona Malamen and I’m a lifelong student of the body.  We don’t live our lives in a straight line but in cycles, in ups and downs, moments of clarity and truth or confusion and distress. Since I graduated from the Massage Therapy program at Columbia Greene Community College in 2006, I have been holding safe space for healing and the recovery of homeostasis, the body’s “happy place.”  This healing work is a collaborative partnership that prioritizes deep listening, something that is all too scarce in our broken and unequal healthcare system.

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