“I had been having repeated occupational issues with my lower back and a friend recommended Fiona and counterstain in general, which I did not previously know about. Fiona’s gentle and specific approach and extensive knowledge of counterstain, which manipulates your soft tissue has a similar effect on me as acupuncture where pain is released and my body feels more balanced and connected. I have made having regular sessions with Fiona part of my routine to keep my body healthy and so I am able to locate and deal with any pain with Fiona. I highly recommend working with her and the general benefits of counterstain to reset your body.”

  - PdeV


“My experience working with Fiona was transformational.  I came to her with an aching frozen shoulder that was keeping me up at night.  I was in physical pain, was limited in movement and was very stressed by it all.  For months I sought help through an array of alternative modalities including acupuncture, physical therapy and massage therapy.  At best these methods temporarily relieved my discomfort but did not solve my problem and they were sometimes painful. 

Fiona helped me in a way that I would describe as miraculous; skillfully, without any pain and in only a handful of treatments.  The work was subtle and precise, with profound results.  Fiona is a compassionate and knowledgeable practitioner with ultra-refined skills and highly attuned hands. 

What was especially remarkable to me was how after each session the therapy continued for days afterwards. My frozen shoulder seemed to ‘melt away’- the shoulder pain dissipated, I regained full use of my arm, my body rebalanced and I was no longer stressed in the myriad of ways a painful restrictive condition brings.”

– Leslee Browning, LMT

“I have dealt with some level of joint pain since I was a teenager. Call it genetic or circumstantial (several injuries) I refused to let the pain interfere with my love of sports and would continue to play tennis, volleyball, climb, ski, hike etc. In the winter, I play indoor tennis at least 3 times a week and it was starting to take its toll. I was trying several therapies to see if anything would help including traditional PT, acupuncture, chiropractics, Egoscue, massage, and all manner of lesser accredited modalities. Eventually I came across Counterstrain and Fiona. It has been life changing. Her treatments have been transformative. My knees, hips, back, neck and shoulders all thank her profusely! Today I am playing racquet sports almost daily with about 10% of the pain I was experiencing before. It has been truly transformative not only for my body but for my general state of well-being. In a roundabout way, her work has brought me daily happiness and great joy.”

– Amy S.


“The first time I saw Fiona, I couldn't turn my head because I'd thrown out something in my neck/back. I saw my massage therapist (who is wonderful) and she recommended Fiona, saying Fiona had previously freed her frozen shoulder in a single session. I reached out in desperation, never having heard of fascial counterstrain in the past, and became an instant fan as I felt immediate relief. The work is subtle but truly impactful, and lasts far beyond the moment you get off the table. Fiona listens deeply to what you say, what your body says, and works with, not against, you and your body to heal it. It is truly amazing what she can accomplish in one session - she is now my first call whenever I'm in pain, and she always brings me relief, both emotionally and physically. I look forward to the benefit that fascial counterstrain can give me for my chronic issues, and absolutely trust Fiona to facilitate that healing.”


-Katie L, Catskill, NY


“In 2020 I suffered a traumatic brain injury that led to post concussion syndrome that left me with vision troubles, headaches, neck pain and chronic swelling in the left side of my face. I went to traditional physical therapy, neck specialist, tbi specialist, acupuncturist, and western herbalist but I still couldn’t work, drive long distances, or do simple tasks. My quality of life was severely impacted. Over a year ago a friend suggested counterstrain and I was lucky to find Fiona. Since working with her my life has been transformed. I no longer have daily headaches and the swelling in my face has cleared. My energy level and mood has improved dramatically. I am able to work again and return to my hobbies of gardening and hiking. I feel like myself again! Even my neuro-optometrist believes that my work with Fiona has increased my recovery time. My sessions with Fiona have been truly transformative and a crucial step in my healing process.”


– C.S., Catskill